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Comments and Complaints

We actively encourage Carers and clients using our service to question or comment on the quality and nature of the service offered. We endeavour at all times to make sure that any comments or complaints are resolved as quickly as possible.

All comments and complaints are taken seriously and dealt with in the strictest confidence. No person who uses our service will be disadvantaged or discriminated against for making a complaint against the Centre.

Who Can Complain

Any person who uses our service or has a right to expect a service from us may provide comment or make a complaint. The complaint can be made personally or someone else can speak on their behalf.

How to Make a Complaint

First Step
If you have any comments or complaints about our service please let us know. Many problems can be sorted out through explanation or discussion. If you feel comfortable, talk to the Coordinator who dealt with the situation initially or who might have organised a service or provided you with information.

If however, after talking through the complaint with the Coordinator, you are not satisfied, you can talk to the Program Manager.  If you find it difficult to talk about the complaint to either the Coordinator or Program Manager you may put the complaint in writing. The complaint should be addressed to the Program Manager, providing as much detail as you can about the situation.The Program Manager (or Team Leader in the absence of the Program Manager) will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within three working days and will provide a response within fourteen working days.

Second Step
If you are not happy with the decision of the Program Manager you will be encouraged to approach the Regional Manager of United Protestant Association of NSW (UPA), which is the organisation responsible for the Centre.
By Telephone:  Regional Manager, 02 6628 5559
In Writing: Regional Manager, PO Box 10, Alstonville, NSW 2477.
If the matter is not resolved, the UPA Board of Management will deal with the complaint at the first Board Meeting after the complaint is received and provide a response soon after.

Final Step
If you are still not happy you can contact any of the following external authorities:
Department of Social Services 1300 653 227

Federal Ombudsman 1300 362 072 or our Federal Member of Parliament

Comments and complaints